The Humble Resistance Band, Unassuming Yet So Versatile

Example resistance bands, easily found on Amazon or anywhere workout equipment can be purchased.

Whether you're rehabilitating a specific muscle group or just want to get more out of your workout, don't overlook the humble resistance band. 

Resistance bands are an extremely common piece of equipment that you can find in most gyms, but many people are unsure of what to do with them.

Just like the weights around the gym, resistance bands come in all different sizes and intensities to suit you and your training.

Resistance bands are great for people in all stages of their training needs.

They can be great for beginners learning how to move, people recovering from injuries, elite athletes needing help engaging certain muscles or simply people wanting an extra burn.

Read on to learn some of the top benefits and practical applications of resistance bands.

Resistance Bands for Rehabilitation

A lot of clients still in the rehabilitation phase of their training can benefit from using resistance bands. They are nice and safe on the joints without adding extra load or unnecessary weight, which can cause pain and discomfort.

Resistance bands are great at ensuring that we’re able to monitor and control our range of movement to keep any injuries or rehabilitation movements slow, controlled and safe.

One of my favorite rehab-related resistance band exercises are banded squats.

These are great for anyone going through any joint replacements, ankle rehabilitation or any serious sprains and strains through the lower body.

Resistance Bands for Muscular Weakness

Certain muscular diseases or weaknesses will need constant rehabilitation and exercise therapy to help ensure healthy muscles and to prevent regression in movement and quality of life. 

Some muscular conditions such as multiple scleroses or Parkinson's disease can greatly benefit from using resistance bands.

Bands can help a person improve their strength, range of motion and stability through both muscles and joints without placing stress or unnecessary fatigue on these areas.

You can replicate similar gym machines such as a leg extension or chest press which can be too heavy for some people. 

Maintaining strength for as long as possible, if you have a muscular disease, is very important to ensure you maintain the best quality of life possible.

Resistance bands for a better perfromance

Even if you are a regular gym goer and feel you benefit from doing heavy weights, don’t look past the assistance of bands to help push your workout to the next level.

Using resistance bands to activate your muscles before doing your usual weights workout will mean that your muscles will already be warmed up and you will be able to perform closer to your max range from the start.

A great example is doing a crab walk with a band before you do your squats to ensure that your glutes are activated and warm and to make sure your quadricep muscles don’t dominate the entire movement.

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