Social Media, Fitness Influencers and YOU!

Gorgeous November Day for a run in Lakes Park, Fort Myers. Photo Courtesy of Charly Caldwell II

Social media has had a huge impact on the fitness industry - from the instantaneous interaction we have with people all over the world - to content being accessible to anyone anytime.  

We live in a world where we have never been more connected and influenced by social media.

We have so much information readily available and it has opened incredible opportunities for self-promotion, support networks, and research.

However, we have also opened the door for exploitation.

People have become ‘Insta famous’ with hundreds of thousands of people following their photos and content and because of their aesthetics, claim to be fitness experts.

These people now have a platform to exploit the opinions of the public and their desires around fitness.

As a community, we must aim to use social media as a positive influence by promoting healthy and ethical fitness practices that support the interests of all people.

Social media has however allowed for some valuable benefits -

Accessibility of information about exercise & nutrition:

Gone are the days where you need to wait for your monthly magazine subscription as so much valuable content is now posted online for free.

You can search free workouts, nutrition advice, different types of training methods and even research papers.

This has allowed you to make your own informed decisions and can be a motivating factor for someone who has been previously sedentary to start exercising.

However, on a side note, be careful about what you read and ensure that it is coming from a reputable source.

Anyone can post content on the internet; it doesn’t always mean that it is correct.

Motivation factor/support groups:

Seeing others workout can encourage us to get active as well.

Particularly if we see our friends exercising, we’re usually more inclined to want to join in.

For most people, the more support they have, the more likely they are to participate in exercise which will yield greater adherence and faster goal achievement.

With the pro’s come the con’s and there is also a down side to our social media craze.

The biggest concern with the growing trend of ‘Insta-famous’ individuals is the majority will have huge following but no qualifications and there is no governing body regulating or questioning their advice.

The assumption that these people know what they are talking about often comes from believing that if these people have a great physique themselves, they must know what they are talking about.

Just because someone has a six-pack or has competed in a body building show, it doesn’t automatically mean they are a good coach.

The information they give out could be simply what works for them but getting results with your own body isn’t the same as getting results with theirs.

We’re all different and respond to different training and nutrition methods.

Tread with caution.

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