Add a Little Yoga To Stay Centered

health mindset psychology yoga Mar 24, 2020

If you're in Southwest Florida, bring your yoga mat, and practice Yoga in beautiful Lakes Park in Fort Myers - you'll be happy you did!  Photo courtesy of Charly Caldwell II

As I share this, we're in a lock down with the world-wide viral outbreak. Many have asked what they can to reduce anxiety, overload, and stress, and here's an easy one to help you, and those you care for and love, too - Yoga.

Yoga provides an opportunity to slow down while resetting the body and mind.

Personally, yoga is all about the connection.

The connection with your breath, your mind and your body. Considering the busy world we live in, and the multiple demands and distractions we encounter, especially at the holidays, this is a connection that we can all benefit from strengthening.

Yoga teaches us how to pace ourselves: it is a chance to learn to slow down and to connect with ourselves and explore the benefits of mindful movement.

For most of us, our world is so fast paced that we can blink and a week has passed us by. This is a chance to reset the mind and body while focusing on moving and breathing.

Yoga teaches us to ‘switch off’ and helps us focus.

Research overwhelmingly confirms that ever-increasing numbers of the population suffer from depression and anxiety and are obese or overweight. Use of antidepressants and suicide rates in young people are on the rise.

Yoga teaches us to leave the world of stress and pressure behind and create a calmer, more relaxed state.

Yoga is also extremely versatile.

There are many poses, sequences and styles that can be tailored to suit a person’s needs. It can be practiced in the home, in the backyard, at the beach or at a park.

It can help people of all ages, improve a variety of health issues and is particularly helpful for people diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s and autism.

This is because yoga teaches tools that can help self-regulate and cope with sensory issues, coordination, balance and breathing.

People come in all shapes and sizes, and, of course, in all ages.

The nature of yoga makes it something of a rarity among physical disciplines in that it can accommodate, and benefit, people of all ages.


  • is non-competitive – it’s all about your own journey
  • develops body awareness and builds concentration
  • teaches how to manage stress through healthy movement, meditation and relaxation
  • develops muscle strength, balance, posture and flexibility, and is low impact
  • helps to develop a positive self and confidence
  • can help to decelerate the ageing process and increase energy and vitality

I have worked with many clients who focus on training for specific sports, as well as
those who simply want to stay healthy and well.

Whatever their reason for exercising, I always encourage clients to add yoga to their workout regimes.

Consider adding it to your repertoire as you work through your year.

You’ll feel better for it.

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