Summer Travel Plans? Don’t forget the exercise!

Summer 2023 is coming up fast - Lakes Park, Fort Myers, Florida. Photo Courtesy of Charly Caldwell II.

With schools letting out in a few weeks and the official start to summer not too far away, summer vacation trips are in full planning mode!

However, remember while you are planning, that we are creatures of habit and as such we rely on the force of habit to support our healthful lifestyles.

Our routines get us to the gym each morning, help us choose low-fat nutritious meals and enable us to effectively cope with stress. Anything that disrupts our routines, such as:

  • travel,
  • vacations and
  • holidays

can send our habits into a tailspin.

Instead of abandoning your hard-earned fitness gains, why not plan to take advantage of the change in routine to reaffirm your commitment to yourself and a healthy lifestyle?


It’s not enough to say “I’ll try to exercise” or I’ll try to health healthfully”.

Everyone KNOWS what they should do, but it’s action that creates power and momentum.

Have a concrete plan of action.

Know where you will be: how, when and where you will exercise and what functions you might attend (family reunion, birthdays, weddings) that could potentially derail your efforts.

Write a specific plan of action and share it with your trainer, family or friends to help keep you accountable.


Once you have a plan, record your daily progress in a training log or on a calendar.

Keep your log accessible and convenient in a place where you will see it every day.

This is helpful not only to keep you on track but also to review and recognize just how well you are doing.

That type of momentum can carry you through to the end of your vacation.


As you plan your summer travel, hope for the best but be prepared for the potential difficulties that inevitably always arise.

For example, if your plan includes a daily walk outdoors, what will you do if it rains?

Take along a rain coat or be prepared to take your workout inside to the local fitness center or hotel gym.

Know in advance where the local fitness center is, hours of operations, fee’s and guest policies so you are prepared for anything.

Likewise, if your travels have you staying in a hotel, check with the hotel prior to booking to find out what type of equipment they offer.


Travel means change and as I said at the onset, we are creatures of habit.

Change, even positive change, is a form of stress that requires self-management.

Travel presents new situations that requires problem solving ranging from the simple, like ordering for a menu in a foreign country, to more complex, like losing your wallet, credit cards or passport.

Everyone knows that regular physical activity is one of the most effective stress management techniques available.

When situations arise or plans don’t go exactly as you think they should, you may be tempted to skip your workout because you’re feeling stressed.

If this happens, remind yourself that exercise will help alleviate those feelings of stress and improve both your problem-solving abilities and outlook

Angie Ferguson is an exercise physiologist and Tony Robbins Results Coach from Fort Myers. She also is a Corrective Biomechanics Specialist, USA Triathlon Advanced Level 2 coach, USA Cycling coach, has a Specialty in Sports Nutrition certification, and a PhD in results!

Contact her, or find out more about her monthly online program, at:!



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