Expedite Exercise Recovery With These Tools & Technology

A gorgeous February run through the freshly updated Children's Garden in Lakes Park, Fort Myers, Florida. Photo Courtesy of Charly Caldwell II.

An active lifestyle full of exercise can sometimes leave you feeling a little sore, depleted and, on a few occasions, injured.

Fortunately, we live in an age in which a plethora of tools and technology are available that promote a more active recovery!

If you find yourself tired, sore or injured, you may want to consider the following to help fast-track your road to wellness.

Cryotherapy — 

Cryotherapy is any treatment that involves the use of freezing or near freezing temperatures. Doctors have long recommended using ice packs on injured and painful muscles. Blood circulation is increased after the ice pack is removed, promoting healing and pain relief.

While stepping into an ice bath or freezing chamber may not sound like your idea of a good time, it can significantly speed healing, reduce inflammation and flush out lactic acid.

Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain, as well as some joint and muscle disorders. It can also promote faster healing of athletic injuries and reduce pain.

Compression sleeves — 

Compression sleeves promote muscle recovery and can also help reduce swelling and prevent injury. The more oxygenated blood that the heart can supply to the muscles, the better the muscles can function.

Wearing compressions sleeves create arterial dilatation, which increases the amount of blood flowing to the muscles, providing more oxygen and nutrients. Compression leg sleeves add gentle, graduated pressure to your calves to help fight the effects of gravity.

The circulation boost from compression reduces lactic acid, boosts the lymphatic system and reduces inflammation. With this increased circulation, recovery is faster from exercise with less discomfort.

Red light beds and lights — 

Red light therapy is also known as laser therapy. It uses low-energy light emitting diodes (LEDs) or lasers as an alternative therapy for pain relief, or to promote good cell functions.

Specific wavelengths of lasers have been determined to be effective in applications such as speeding up wound healing, reducing the symptoms of restless leg syndrome and lowering pain in diseases such as arthritis.

Weighted blankets — 

Weighted blankets are what experts call, "deep pressure touch stimulation" or DPTS.

First developed to help kids with autism and anxiety, they soon mainstreamed to pet owners looking to soothe the nerves of anxious animals and are now spreading among adults who are looking for techniques to ensure restful sleep.

Ranging in weight from 5-18lbs, weighted blankets reduce stress, tension and anxiety in the body and mind. The result is reduced cortisol, stress levels, and inflammation.

Don’t expect results overnight, but if a weighted blanket helps you achieve deeper more restful sleep, that can translate to consistent workouts and improved performance.

Finally, light movement, yoga, stretching and meditation are also important tools.

Studies have shown active rest to be a key component in flushing lactic acid, speeding healing, and improving circulation.

Angie Ferguson is an exercise physiologist and Tony Robbins Results Coach from Fort Myers. She also is a Corrective Biomechanics Specialist, USA Triathlon Advanced Level 2 coach, USA Cycling coach, has a Specialty in Sports Nutrition certification, and a PhD in results!

Contact her, or find out more about her monthly online program, at: www.GearedUP.biz!


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