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Our 14 Day "Fit & Fresh" Challenge is a step-by-step nutrition makeover, and you'll have IMMEDIATE access to it once you join our Geared Up Family by joining our monthly membership.

In our 14 Day 'Fit & Fresh' Challenge Angie teaches you, day-by-day, exactly how & why to live a healthy, vibrant life by fueling your body with energizing nutrient-rich delights! You're going to LOVE it!

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If you're considering a triathlon (running, biking and swimming!), then our Beginner's Training Schedule will show you a proven plan that helps you start from scratch, taking baby steps to reach your goal!

Our Beginner's Training Schedule provides a proven 6 Week Triathlon Training plan with an example calendar of how to approach each day over 6 weeks.

To get your Beginner's Guide Training Schedule for a triathlon, as well as training videos (and so much more), simply join our Monthly Membership program!

Remember to always "Practice with Purpose, Live with Passion!" ~ Angie


Pump Like a Pro
When You're on the GO!

My beautiful friend, Shanna, offers an online course that helps moms efficiently navigate the obstacles of breastfeeding while traveling for work.

"I joined coach Angie and GearedUp in 2016 after my first sprint triathlon, hoping to improve my swim primarily given the fact I never had swam more than 100 yards at a stretch before! Since then, I have improved my overall sprint time by almost 30 minutes, completed my first half marathon and Olympic triathlon as well! Working with Coach Angie has improved my overall fitness , endurance and strength. She tailors my training based on my progress, even around my work and family commitment as needed. Over the last 3 years, I have become physically and mentally stronger, with a zeal to constantly improve, which surprisingly translates to my work and family too! Group training with the Geared Up family is the best part as everyone is constantly motivating, encouraging which makes training and racing fun! I am grateful to be part of this Geared Up family, would not trade it for anything else!"

Ramesh Koka

"Fifteen years ago when I decided to get off the couch and do something to improve my health, I happily found the GearedUp Multisport Team. In those early days of learning the ins and outs of the sport and getting my mind and body in the right place and prepared for race day, the Team was always there for me. They were pushing me to be my best, helping me when I was unsure, encouraging me when I stumbled. The Team has provided me with a community of beautifully imperfect triathletes helping each other along the way. It has been invaluable to my development in triathlon, but more so in enhancing my life through the many meaningful friendships we have formed. When I decided to step up to Ironman distance, a difficult step for an admittedly average athlete, I signed up for personal coaching with Angie Ferguson, the Coach of the GearedUp Team. Had it not been for her, knowing when to push and how hard and when to tell me to slow down, I am certain I would not have finished that first Ironman. On race day when I crossed the finish line and heard those words that every triathlete longs to hear “Jim Dwyer, YOU are an Ironman”, I knew that my tenacity with Angie’s knowledge and guidance gave me a gift that I will never forget. Part art and part science, structuring a plan that works for amateur athletes with jobs and families and other commitments that helps you reach your own goals is Angie’s specialty. With her help and the help of the Team all these years, I have become a better athlete. The changes have also effected every other aspect of my life. I am healthier and happier, and ready to accept any challenge knowing that with the right team around me, anything is truly possible. I plan on being part of this great team of athletes for years to come."

Jim Dwyer

"Are you looking for a game changer? If you’re looking for a coach that’s a game changer, look no further than Angie Ferguson! For 10 years, I had varying degrees of success training myself to participate in marathons and cycling events. In early 2017, I decided to transition to triathlons. Finding and hiring Angie to do so was the best move I could have made. I’m grateful to have gone from a non-swimmer to a swimmer after thinking it was impossible to learn to swim at the age of 52. I’ve got my running and cycling back to the levels they were at 10 years ago - yes, you can turn back time! Beyond that, my health and stamina are at a place that even has my cardiologist happy. And most of all, I feel good and confident. Angie doesn’t just help you with the phyiscal part of the sport - she helps you to feel inspired, motivated and happy to be out there. I know I do thanks to working with her."

Robert Grabel

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