The Team

The Geared Up Triathlon Team is South Florida's largest, oldest and most friendly triathlon team. Our membership spans a broad range of triathletes, from Hawaii Ironman competitors to first time beginners.

Geared Up serves multisport athletes of all ages and abilities in and around South Florida. Our goal is to enable members to achieve their athletic goals in a stimulating, supportive and sociable environment.

During the season, Advanced Level 2 Triathlon Coach, sports physiologist and team leader, Angie Fergsuon, offers free multisport clinics for all. By using the latest training techniques, along with positive motivation and sensible training programs, Angie inspire's our members to both reach their personal goals and incorporate fitness into their lifestyle.

We have multiple swim, bike and runs sessions each week. Join us for safe, friendly, advice-filled training at one of our many workout locations. You need not be a member to participate, but once you give it a try, you won't be able to resist joining!

Call 239-246-2920 to get Geared Up!