Silver Package - $199.00/month

—Evaluation Of Past Training
—Develop Future Goals Specific To The Individual Athlete
—Unlimited Communication Via Email & One Phone Call Per Week,
   Initiated By The Athlete
—Workouts Are Sent In Blocks Of Two-Three Weeks
—Programs Are Structured To The Individual Athlete To Include
  The Following:

  • Detailed description of the workouts
  • Purpose of the workout (speed, strength, recovery, etc)
  • Correct heart rate and/or lactate training zone
  • Distance and time to be covered in the workout
  • Other specific details or comments tailored to the athlete
  • Monthly testing to asses fitness gains, or weak areas
  • 1-weekly swim session in the endless pool
  • Taper plan
  • Race day nutrition plan
  • Coach will adjust your schedule, as much as needed for unforeseen events

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