Gold Package - $299.00/month

—Evaluation Of Past Training
—Develop Future Goals Specific To The Individual Athlete
—Unlimited Communication Initiated By The Athlete Via Email or Phone
—Programs Are Structured To The Individual Athlete To Include The Following:

  • Detailed description of the workouts
  • Purpose of the workout (speed, strength, recovery, etc.)
  • Correct heart rate and/or lactate training zones
  • Distance and/or time to be covered in the workout
  • Monthly testing to asses fitness gains, or weak areas
  • 1-weekly swim session in the endless pool
  • Other specific details or comments tailored to the athlete
  • Taper plan
  • Race day nutrition plan
  • Post race recovery plan
  • Coach will adjust your schedule, as much as needed for unforeseen events
  • Guaranteed feedback weekly

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