Fort Myers Triathlon Coaching Company Geared Up Now Offers Exclusive Class IV Laser Therapy


FORT MYERS, Florida—April 30, 2010—Fort Myers coach and certified trainer, Angie Ferguson announces that Fort Myers Triathlon Training Company, Geared Up, is now offering Class IV laser therapy to its athletes and clients. Geared Up Multisport Training and Coaching is the first and only company in Southwest Florida to offer this technology with the addition of K-Laser to its practice.


With the K-Laser, Geared Up will be able to help athletes suffering from muscle spasms, arthritis, back pain, bursitis, heel spurs/plantar fasciitis, neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress injuries, TMJ, tendonitis, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis), sprains, muscle strains, muscle fatigue, and muscle soreness.

Says Angie Ferguson, Owner and Founder of Geared Up, “The K-Laser is a completely safe, non-invasive, treatment modality free of any side effects that when used with a proper training program, can reduce athletes injury times and put them back on the field and in top shape weeks ahead of traditional therapy or ultrasound. This cutting edge technology is going to elevate our athletes above and beyond the competition and help them excel to levels never before imagined!”

Laser therapy has been used for over 30 years internationally and is FDA-approved.

About Angie Ferguson:
Angie Ferguson is no stranger to the field of exercise and fitness. With over 18 years of comprehensive experience, she has been both the trainee and the coach. While her education and training facilitate wellness, health and optimal training, her specialized background includes a rehabilitative and therapeutic approach to fitness and allows her to work both with elite level and recreational athletes, sports injuries, and special populations.

Coach Angie Ferguson’s Credentials:

  • Exercise Physiology & Human Performance Degree
  • Certified Trainer
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • USA Triathlon Advanced Level 2 Coach
  • USA Cycling Coach
  • Masters Swim Team Coach
  • Certified Advanced Bike Fit Specialist – F.I.S.T. Institute in California

Angie trained directly under bike guru and market leader, Dan Emphield.
As a veteran of endurance sports, Angie has competed in countless marathons, triathlons, both nationally and internationally. Angie is:

  • 12 time Ironman
  • A Member of the USA World Championship Triathlon Team in 2005 & 2006
  • An All American Ranked USA Level II Advanced & USA Cycling Coach
  • Recently Qualified for 2009 World Championship – held 11/14/09
  • All American ranking is the highest level of achievement.
  • Recipient in 2009 “40 under 40” business award for top business professional.

Angie believes that coaching is about having fun, believing, teaching, compassion, encouragement, support and patience!

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