Florida Triathlon Training Coach Angie Ferguson of Gearedup.biz Debuts eBook “6 Tips for A Successful Triathlon Training Year”


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Coach Angie Ferguson of Geared Up, announces the debut of a new eBook, “6 Tips for a Successful Triathlon Training Year” on her website Gearedup.biz. The eBook discusses tips for successful triathlon training, including mental preparation, physical training, goal setting, and performance evaluation.

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FORT MYERS, FL—January 19, 2011—Florida Triathlon Training Coach Angie Ferguson, USA Level II Advanced Triathlon Coach, Team USA member, and 12-time Ironman, debuts new eBook on her website, www.Gearedup.biz. EBook is entitled “6 Tips for A Successful Triathlon Training Year” and will offer useful tips about effective preparation for a triathlon.

“The most successful athletes have one important thing in common…they all plan to succeed,” said Ferguson. “I released this eBook as a reference for those who want to improve their performance and set a plan into place that will help them optimize their training for a triathlon.”

The eBook discusses everything that goes into the “multi-sport world," from swimming, biking, and running, to injury prevention, nutrition, and mental preparation. The reader will learn the importance of goal setting and focus as it relates to training for a triathlon. They will see examples of short and long term goals and understand the importance of keeping an accurate perspective on the process of training. Examples of a short term goal may be improving a one-mile walk or run by 10 seconds in a week. Whereas, a long term goal may be to become an “Ironman” within the next 2 years. In addition to triathlon training tips, the eBook also discusses how it is essential to learn from mistakes and evaluate past performances.

The new eBook, “6 Tips for a Successful Triathlon Training Year”, is currently available and free to download.

About Geared Up:
Florida Triathlon Training Coach Angie Ferguson is no stranger to the field of exercise and fitness. With over 18 years of comprehensive experience, she has been both the trainee and the coach. While her education and training facilitate wellness, health and optimal training, her specialized background includes a rehabilitative and therapeutic approach to fitness and allows her to work both with elite level and recreational athletes, sports injuries, and special populations.